Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I wish, I wish...for art and glittery slippers!!

When I was a kid, I learned from my now-attorney-brother Sean, that when asked if I had one wish, what would I wish for...I should respond, "I wish for more wishes." While that was sage advice, it didn't ever really give the asker more insight into my personality...other than that I had a brother that knew how to manipulate the system.

At that age, I think I would have wished for a cabbage patch kid, or that my family was rich, or that the boy of the week would like me. As I got older it could be that I was famous, that I would be popular or that the boy of the week would like me. Nowadays (is that really a word), I have a lot of wishes. I wish for happiness and love for my family, for a cure for cancer, for world peace...or even something more elusive...pre-kids weight. Sometimes I wish for more sleep, for more energy, but a wish I have had for a long time is to have an amazing singing voice.

What brought this on you ask? Well, the season premiere of GLEE, of course. I have loved musicals since I was little. I used to listen to the GREASE record (yes, vinyl) all the time. [side note: now that I'm an adult and understand those songs...I can't believe my parents let me listen to that album...sheeesh] I actually do remember trying to live a day as if my life was a musical. It was very hard because no one else was playing along.

I love to sing, but I'm not that good. My father is an amazing singer. For those of you who know me, you know he is the Filipino Elvis. For those of you who don't know me, picture a browner version of Elvis...yep that's my dad. His voice sounds just like him. You would think that some of his talent would have rubbed off on me...but my little brother got that.

The fun thing is, even if I'm not that good, I sing anyway...preferably cloaked by other in a choir setting or karaoke with the girls.

Which brings me to my next idea. This one builds off of my last week idea about the canvas paintings. Okay, you might have the inner desire to be an artist, but aren't ready to go solo. This idea is how you can still create great wall art by "cloaking" your canvas.

You will need:
A canvas (it can be the canvas you may not be happy with from last week)
Fabric that is 2 inches larger all around your canvas
Push Pins
Staple gun

Lay your fabric right-side down. Then lay your canvas face down on the fabric. Use your push pins to secure the fabric on the back of the canvas. Be sure to pull tight, but not too tight. In order to ensure evenness, put a pin on one side, then one on the opposite side. Do the same to the other two sides and then start over...that way, you are pulling the fabric evenly.
Then start stapling in that same pattern always making sure the fabric is tight.

Then there you have it.

This might be cute with four square canvases and 2 complimentary fabrics arranged in a four square like Melissa's refrigerator organizer.


We have a submission of an idea by my friend Samantha. If any of you would like to submit an idea to be featured here, just email me your write up and some pictures ( I will usually post these "features" on the weekend, but I was really busy this past weekend and I didn't want Samantha's idea to wait another day.

Last week we went to the beach with some friends and I mentioned that I wanted to make glittery flip flops for my girls for the summer. Samantha said I should do a post and then 2 days later she had already done them...I love that! (Yes, they are that fast & easy) Samantha is a mother to three cute, cute, cute girls and (along with her husband) owns Valencia Mac, a store that my husband spends way too much time in :) She's chic and lovely and here she is:

"Such an inexpensive, easy and fun craft!  Even my kids made their own!
E6000 Adhesive (Walmart sells it)
Inexpensive Flip Flops (I got ours from the Dollar Tree)
Glitter (I used the fine glitter, but the larger glitter would work great too!)

Dispense the glue on the plastic straps in a long line and spread the line out to the width of the straps with your finger.  E6000 can be very tacky and sticky, so it can be hard to work with once it starts to dry so work quickly at spreading the glue to cover all of the plastic strap.

As soon as one side of the strap has glue go ahead and shake a enough glitter to cover all the glue, repeat on the other side of the strap. 

It's just that easy!"

Thanks so much Samantha. I would sing you a song...but I need to find a choir.

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