Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Multiple Personalities and Hair Clips for Every One of Them

Sometimes I have so much on my plate that I'm afraid I have developed multiple personalities to deal with every aspect of my life.  I used to hate it when my mother would be yelling at us and the phone would ring and in the sweetest voice she'd answer, "Hello?" I always thought that was fake and now, as a mom, I know that is just part of survival. (Of course that was way back before caller ID so she didn't know who it was. Had she known it was my dad away on one of his long art-show trips, I'm sure she would have answered with "when are you coming home?" in the not-so-sweetest voice.)

There's my work-self, professional (I can hear my co-workers laughing now), determined, confident. And my church-self, helpful, spiritual, & happy. My friend-self, funny, energetic and fun. My mom-self, a teacher, a motivator (now I'm laughing) and one who shows unconditional love. My wife-self, interested :), loving, & cooperative (my husband wishes). All the while paying the bills, cleaning the house, making sure the kids have their checks for the fund raisers, making lunches, trying to fit in exercise, trying not to eat all the cookies in the bag.....and just like most mom's today, we forget our Real-self.

Well, lately, I've been paying attention to me...through this blog.  I love to make things and I love to accomplish things and I get to do that here. I like quick projects that can be whipped up fast and that's why this week I'm focusing on Hair Clips. They are easy, fast and they make great presents for young girls to not so young girls.

This post will have the basic clip instructions and other posts will have the how-to's to the others.
O.K. here are my supplies:
Box of hair clips - bought from Sally's Beauty Supply ($5.69 for 100)
or the flexy clips (pictured on the cardstock...12 for $2 @ Walmart)
Ribbon 1/8 inch
glue gun or fabric glue
buttons, beads, yarn, felt, tulle, etc.

First, I glued some ribbon to the bottom of the clip. I found this is the best place to put it so the metal clips can really grab the hair.

Oh, side note. To keep the ribbon from fraying, you can hold the raw edge of the ribbon closely to a candle flame and it will "melt" it so that it won't fray. See me doing that to a bow....


Don't really touch the flame....just hold it by it. And don't breathe too hard because it makes the flame move.  I know from experience.

Then glue along the clip and the top and fold over so that top of the clip is wrapped in ribbon. NOTE: the bottom of the clip is the flat part.

Then, with a contrasting color. Make a loop and glue.

Squish the loop flat and glue down evenly on top of the wrapped clip.

Take a small piece of the base color and wrap it around the squished loop.

And then embellish how you please. We love BLING. But little flowers are cute, too.
You can glue anything to this basic wrap. You can add another squished ring to make it three layers of color. You can add a bow. You can add vintage buttons. You can cut cute shapes out of felt and glue them on as well.  Use your imagination...but if you're lacking your imagination-self, google "hair clips" and look at the images and get inspiration.  My other personality is telling me that I should not have told you my secret.  Oh, well. I'm off to put all my selves to bed.



  1. I love it Noreen! You(s) are awesome. :)

  2. thanks so much for the demo!! I think even I could make those! And I think I will :)