Monday, March 29, 2010

EGG-cellent Easter Fun

Have you been wanting to do something EGG-xtra fun this Easter season? Take a peek into our Family Night. The kiddos had an EGG-tremely good time!

It started with dinner:

We made personal pizzas in the shape of EGGs. Everyone got to decorate their own EGG pizza. You could even be creative with a boring old cheese pizza by using different types of cheese.

After dinner, we started our EGG-lympics.

FIND: Someone leaves the room. The rest of the group decides on the perfect spot to hide the special egg (we chose this bunny egg). We then invited the "it" person back into the room. We sang songs from church to help them find the egg. If they weren't close, we sang softly. When they got closer, we sang loudly. Once they found the egg, we played again until each child had a turn.

CRACK: Fill a basket full of plastic Easter eggs. Put a small rock in each egg, but place one candy in one egg. Grab your timer. Each person takes a turn cracking the eggs to find the one that has the candy. When they find the candy, stop their time. (You will have to put the eggs back together each time with a new piece of candy). The person who can do this in the shortest amount of time wins this game.

WALK: Choose enough spoons and
eggs for each child that is playing.

Decide a start line and finish line or set up a course for them to walk.

The goal is to be the first one to the finish line without
dropping your egg.

ROLL: Use tape to make a start line and a box
the finish line on the floor. Each child takes a turn waving the book back and forth to make the egg move from the start line to the square. Use a timer to find out who can do this in the quickest time.

EAT: Put 3 pieces of candy in each egg. Give one egg to each child. At the same time, open up the egg and begin eating the candy. The first candy has to be unwrapped and eaten (and swallowed) before you can begin to unwrap the next candy. The first person to eat all 3 pieces of candy wins!

Now go have an EGG-xtra good time
with some little ones!


  1. Too cute Debbie!! With ideas like that you must have been a teacher or something ;-)

  2. Super cute idea! I shared this with my girlfriends!!