Friday, March 5, 2010

For the love of Lunch

Isn't lunchtime like an oasis? For me lunch is on my short-term goals list. It's something to work toward...and I know I can accomplish it. And I enjoy it. I know what I'm about to say is pathetic, but here goes. Sometimes, I even write it down on my "TO DO" list just so I know I can scratch something off (I won't even mention the times I write down things I've ALREADY accomplished so I can check them off).

During my work day, sometimes, it seems like the morning is so horrible, like if I can just get to lunch all will be okay. Is it sad that lunch to me is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Now I know this outlook on our midday meal isn't one that is shared by all. I just asked my husband, who is currently a stay-at-home-daddy, if he feels passionate about lunch and he basically told me he usually forgets about lunch, which at first may seem heroic, but then remember we still have a 3-year old at home...hmmmm. And a few of my stay-at-home mom friends concur. Lunch isn't that great. Unless they are going out to lunch, then it's fun and they look forward to it.

Well, whatever your feeling for lunch is, this idea is a great one for those kids in our lives for whom we are still packing lunches. Below is a list of random facts. I print this out and cut strips and pack 2-3 papers in my kids lunches. They get really excited when I do this because it's like a happy meal with a prize. It's not always random facts. Last year I did jokes. That was fun. And each year I also include personalized messages telling my kids how proud of them I am, or how I love when they kiss me, or that I think they are beautiful/handsome.

Now if you don't have kids' lunches to worry about and just want your own lunch fun, print this out and cut them up and put them in a jar and everyday at lunchtime, pull one out and have fun. It doesn't have to be random facts, it can be quotes, jokes, or my favorite....chocolates...and whenever you eat one, you think of something funny! And lunch can be your pot of gold...Hershey's Pot of Gold.

So you can download or print the list below. Now your kids can know some random facts, which is better than what my son said as he opened the refrigerator tonight: "MOM, did you know that butter has the word BUTT in it? Actually, it has two butt's! Ha ha. It has B-U-T and B-U-T-T, ha! Two butts!" You see, he bought lunch today and didn't get his random fact!

Interesting Facts

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