Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday.....Good idea!

As I thought about what to post it struck me that it's Good Friday and where I live (a very Catholic, Midwestern city) that means everyone eats fish! So I thought about quick and easy fish recipes I could share. But in the end, I decided I couldn't pull it off because in my house my husband is the one who cooks the fish. So instead of giving you a step-by-step of how I put fish sticks in the toaster oven I decided to keep running with the Easter theme Debbie started and share a little project that my 4 year old and I did together.

I saw this wreath in Family Fun and I decided to simplify it for a preschooler.

They suggest using 14 eggs but that is just way too many for a 4 year old to paint so I "halved the recipe" so to speak.

(Make sure your child has chocolate on his face and arms. It adds so much more to the experience!)

First thing to do is cut the rim off of a sturdy paper plate. I then added a twist tie so we would have a loop to hang our creation.

Meanwhile the painting begins! Puff paints can stain clothes so I made Mason lose the shirt and he was more than happy to oblige. If you don't have a "I love to be naked" child, I'd suggest an art smock.

While the little guy painted the eggs (and his arms and face and chest...) I used craft glue and glued the foam flowers to the paper wreath.

Once the painted eggs dried and the glue on the foam dried, I sent Mason out to the patio with a big cup of Hawaiian Punch. I made sure he was not paying any attention to me and I got out my glue gun (because if he knew about glue guns, I would be making this post via iPhone from the ER.) I quickly glued the eggs onto the wreath and we had our fabulous Easter wreath!

But wait! There's more!!

The craft foam cut-outs were buy one get one at Michael's this past week so we had lots of foam flowers to play with. So before I sent Mason away while I was stealthy with the glue gun, we got busy making a flower lei. I snipped some straws into 1 inch pieces, found some string and we worked. He was in charge of straws and I laced the flowers.

(That's an old, faded temporary tattoo of R2D2 in case you're wondering if I've branded my son.)

And once the lei was done we found ourselves a hula girl to model!

(I don't even know what to say about my crazy child with his face pressed against the screen door...)

Happy Easter!!

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