Monday, April 12, 2010

Making It Personal

I still imagine myself as one of those young married youthful woman and am occasionally shocked when I see that reflection in the mirror that shouts I am not. This is why it is hard for me to believe that my oldest baby is coming of age...baptism age. She will soon be the ripe old age of understanding the difference between right and wrong - what we call the age of accountability.

(My sweet MayMay)

This event gets my No-Guilt-Wanted-Mommy-Wheels spinning! This is a moment when traditions will be started and continued for each of my four children. And I'm going to try my darndest to not have my oldest child say at my youngest child's baptism, "But you didn't do that for me." I know it will come...I'm trying to avoid it. So I've spent the last few months in my Type A mind thinking of what I want to become the family traditions that we will continue with each of the children on their baptism day.

Today, I will share one. This is where we get personal...

We believe in baptism by immersion. This means that my little girl will get wet. What better way to wrap her up after this moment than with a white towel that has her name on it. It's personal. Something that she can use again (or save in her memory box) and reflect on the decision she made that day.

Now, I love my catalogues. I will often skim through them looking and dreaming. I've always been a fan of the personalized towels at Pottery Barn Kids. But let's be honest...that will cost you close to $30 for one towel.

So here's my secret. This towel was bought at Target. Their towels range from $4 to $11. I then took it to my local embroidery shop and had her name added. You'd be surprised if you did a Google search for embroidery and your local city how many people can do this. Plus, there's always those shops in the middle of the mall. If you live by me, give me a call and I'll tell you who I let handle this for me.

We have also started doing this as a gift for our cousins. This one was recently sent to my nephew in Utah who was baptized this weekend.

This could also be an every day idea for your kids. There are many beach towels on sale this time of year. I always love to get my kids a new towel for the summer. It would be fun to add their name to that towel.


  1. Not sure if it is my place to post on here... However, when we went to the beach last week, one of our towels was picked up by our friends. If we had a name on it, it would have been much easier to ensure we got our towel back. Probably before she washed it for us... Although that gets me thinking. Maybe we should put it on there REAL small, then they wouldn't notice until after it is washed. Then when it is returned, it will be already to go back in the beach box... Thank you Allison! :-)
    - Stan

  2. Stan...That's why you're often called Stan the Man. I like how you think!