Monday, May 10, 2010


I hope all you mother's had a fabulous Mother's Day. I was pampered all day. It won't surprise many at what I received...4 more frames. I'm so excited about these frames. They hang like normal frames, but they actually open up on a hinge and can store all of the precious artwork that my kids love to make. I then asked for some new ramekins and we made this yummy and super easy dessert from Our Best Bites. After receiving my breakfast in bed, I took it upon myself to poll my Facebook friends. It was unanimous that Mother's Day should happen on the second Sunday of every month. I'm putting the word out.

Today for my idea, I'm passing along a kitchen tip that I love.

I've always been a fan of Rachel Ray. We began our "friendship" when all she was known for were her 30 Minute Meals. That spoke to me. So I was thrilled for her when she got married. And soon after that, during one of her meal preps, she casually mentioned this tip and then went on. It was the tip that saved my marriage. Really.

You see, I've always thought that there are two types of women in this world: those who keep their rings on for absolutely everything including sleeping and swimming pools, and those who take their rings off for everything including sleeping and swimming pools. I fall in the latter group. My rings come off for everything. I can't stand getting gunk in the prongs, especially when cooking and doing the dishes. So I would always take my ring off and put it on the counter, usually in a safe corner. When my husband would come in and see my ring just laying on the counter, it would frustrate him. He was convinced I would lose it, or accidently send it down the drain or in the trash.

Enter Rachel. One day before mashing food with her hands, she took her ring off and then put it in a cute little bowl. A-ha! That's all I needed. A bowl. Something designated to sit on the counter to hold my jewelry while busy in the kitchen. I shared this idea with my husband and he was sold. While on a business trip in Vegas, we spotted the perfect size cup and we bought it. Our marriage is now intact. Thanks Rachel!

While perusing (not I came across some bowls that I think would be perfect for this solution. Take a look at these cute and personalized bowls. I think they would also make a cute gift to give to friends. Afterall, you could be the Rachel in their marriage.

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