Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cute Satin Ribbon Headband

Don’t you love it when kids make up their own words? For example, my 4-year old says “giminant” or gym-in-ent when she means “really big.” For example, “Mom, I want a giminant ice cream cone,” or “I didn’t make this giminant mess” or my favorite, “Mom, I love you a giminant bit.”

When my other daughter was 4 she used to say, “libble dit” for “little bit.” “Do you want ketchup?” “A libble dit.” It was so cute.

We designate Mondays evenings for time with the family and call it Family Home Evening. However, when my son was little he would refer to it as Family Home Meeting which then morphed into Family Home Screaming (please don’t judge me).

I also like it when grown ups mess up…like the time my friend asked me what kind of dog a “chi-who-a-who-a” is. Or when playing Pictionary and my friend is trying to draw a comma when the word was coma. Or the time my friend thought the lyrics to the EnVogue song (yes I’m old) was “Freedom Mind and a nest of swallows” instead of “Free your mind, and the rest will follow.”

Actually, I had my own brain blip this week and only realize my mistake when I was looking at the lyrics on my ipod. The song is Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. This was my first cassette as a youngster and I listened to it over and over till the tape broke. I’ve been singing the wrong lyrics my head…and out loud. I’ve been making this horrible faux pas for 25 years! (Another funny story is that  friend from work [that's post college] read "faux pas" for the first time and pronounced it "fox pass")

Anyway, speaking of Time After Time. As promised last week, I’m going to show you another way to use up 3 inch satin ribbon…if you happen to have a lot like I do.

This time we’re making a very cute headband.

You will need:
Two 13 inch pieces of 3-inch satin ribbon
Contrasting or matching ribbon (optional)
Sewing machine
Thread that matches your ribbon
(or if you are like me and too lazy to rethread the machine or wind another bobbin...everything is done in white thread)
Glue (I used a hot glue gun because I have no patience to wait for glue to dry)

I started out by wrapping my headband with the ribbon (I mainly did this because the headband I had was a recycle from another project that didn’t go so well). If you have a nice looking headband, you don’t even need to wrap it.

I glued the end of the ribbon to the end of the headband and then just wrapped it up and glued the other end of the ribbon to the end of the headband.

Then using the same technique as last week’s lei/necklace (click here for a refresher), sew the two 13-inch strips together to create a casing remembering to fold the ends in. Make sure the casing is big enough to fit around your headband with a little extra space.

Then just “thread” onto the headband. Decide where you want it and scrunch it together. Then glue the ends on the underside of the headband.

Isn’t it cute? I let my baby wear it the next day and it was a giminant hit!!!

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  1. Love it! I'm off to get lots of satin ribbon to keep up with you.