Monday, June 28, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Ruffles are Nice

Could the backside of a baby's bum get any cuter?

I say YES! What fun are baby girls if we don't take the opportunity to fancy them up while we still have control! Or better yet, make a baby gift extra special for the baby girlies.

The weather in our neck of the woods is in the Summertime high of the balmy 100s. I ruffled up some onesies for my baby girl this week. She looks so darling in them while keeping cool. Plus, she's just getting to the crawling phase which shows off that sweet derrière. Take a peek!

I've got a couple of ways that I tried this out.

They all started with onesies that I bought at Target and ribbon from JoAnns.

I added 3 rows of ruffles to the backside of the onsies.

I started by sealing the ribbon ends. I run the ends of my ribbon through a flame. I then folded the ends and sewed across.


The first way that I did it was to create the ruffles while I was sewing. I measured the ribbon strands to be double the length from seam to seam on the back side.

I then pinned the first row. I pinned on each side just above the leg trim. I then put a pin in the middle. Then I put pins in the middle of the two side. Five pins total.

I then made the ruffles as I sewed down the middle. I would make a fold, sew to the end of the fold, lift the foot and make another fold that would go under the foot, then repeat until I got to the other side.

And again until we had our third and final row.


Option two is the one that my Boo is wearing in the top picture.

I went three lengths from seam to seam on the backside. I flame sealed the ends of the ribbons and turned them under and sewed.

I then did a gathering stitch down the middle of the ribbons. I grabbed the end of the thread and gathered the ribbon to create the ruffle.

I then pinned the ribbon across the back of the onesie and sewed a straight line across.

This option took a little more time, but I liked the effect the best.
(I know! We could feast all week on those yummy thighs!)


And this is the best and easiest way.

I found ribbon in the 50 cent bins at Michaels that is already ruffled.

I cut enough to go from seam to seam on the back, pinned it in place, then sewed down the middle. Voila!

To My Sister-in-Law Brooke, Close your eyes if you are reading this.

And to make this baby gift extra special, I made Noreen's No Sew Tutu to go with the onesies.

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  1. This is such a cute idea and I love the DIY instruction. Thanks for stopping over at my virtual casa, when I have my own kids I hope to be as creative and has time to do some of these projects as well!

  2. Oh my goodness! These are the cutest! Love em!!

  3. Very Adorable! Thanks for the directions, looks easy enough to make for all my 13 friends who are pregnant right now!! lol. Thanks for sharing with us!