Friday, June 4, 2010

Warning! This post will kill brain cells!

Sometimes I think I haven't made a big enough mess with my acrylic paints, stain and sponge brushes so I look for another medium I can use to destroy my husband's workbench. Well this project took care of that! Not only did it leave some nice color rings on the bench, it also created some fumes that left us all a little light headed! was fun and I created something pretty dang cute!

On one of my latest thrift store jaunts I came across an ugly pitcher. It was $.34. Too good of a deal to pass up. I knew I could do something with it. And when I showed my mom my find she said she had something equally as ugly. Sure enough she did and my collection grew.

(My mom's ugly item is the on the left and my strange find is the one on the right.)

I used a white primer....

It took a few coats to completely block out the designs. It can take several hours for one coat to dry so don't think you're going to do this today for your dinner party tonight!

I decided to add some round stickers over the white before I sprayed it red to create some polka dots.

One thing I learned is to spray from a distance! About a foot and a half or two feet should do. Otherwise you'll have dripping and that doesn't make for a pretty vase. And be patient! Do a coat and come back to it later.

I should have used better stickers because my polka dots aren't perfect but heck, for 30-something cents I can do another one!

Add some fresh flowers or kitchen utensils and now no one will ever know I had a thrift store jug with mutant M&M's on it! Don't you love the black with my artsy pepper mill? My husband bought the pepper mill for me when we were dating. That's when I knew I had to marry him!

Happy Friday!


  1. I looove this!! Very cute and creative! I saw an ugly cookie jar the other day at GW and passed it up bc well it was ugly! Wish I had it now. ;)

  2. Coming over from "Domestically Speaking". Cute idea! Isn't that the old 7-Up guy or something? I vaguely remember a similar looking creature popping up somewhere in the 90s. :)

  3. I love this idea. Very cute. And until you said something about your dots...I did not even realize that they were not perfect!