Friday, July 9, 2010

Jewelry Box Makeover

As I pondered over what to do for this week's post I found inspiration from the previous post of Noreen's newly refinished dresser. So I decided to do a makeover on a something with drawers as well but just a teeny bit smaller. I found this beauty on a half price shelf at a thrift store. I figured for a buck fifty I could make something out of it.

It needed a little TLC. It had some weird foam pads under the pulls and a couple of the drawers needed some glue.

It had a glossy finish on it so instead of spending all of my time sanding I just gave it a light sanding and then sprayed it with primer. Do you like the shelter my husband built for all of my spray paint projects? I call it my amphitheater!

After I primed it I gave it a nice coat of "Ballerina Slipper" pink.

I removed the strange drawer pulls and painted these tiny wood balls to use as pulls. These suckers were hard to paint. The force of the air from the spray paint kept blowing them away!

I modge podged some scrap book paper onto my drawers and glued the balls on as drawer knobs.

This baby had a lot of drying to do between the spray paint, the modge podge, the knob glue....

But it sure did turn out cute! I'm pretty happy about it. I think it will pretty darn adorable in my daughter's room. It will be great to keep her little hair accessories in!

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  1. That is ADORABLE!!!!! I will have to be on the lookout for that kind of jewelry box for my daughter. She would love it remade like that.

  2. Maybe you can give us a closer look at the amphitheater...i love that. I'm gonna have to convince stan to build me that!

  3. sweet! It was nice of hubby to build you your very own ampitheater. Have you tried singing into it yet? lol