Monday, July 26, 2010

Table Art

Whether you're a fan or not, Macaroni Grill does have one of the greatest things going...

Drawing on the table.

I admit. Even as an adult, having dinner with another adult, and no children at the table, I find myself doodling on the table while waiting for dinner to come. (I've even tried writing my name upside down just like the waiter can do.)

For my Cookie's first birthday a few years ago, we invited over a few family friends for cake and ice cream. We took this idea and covered our kitchen table with butcher paper. I placed markers and crayons and even a few prizes in bowls and cups on my table's lazy susan. It was simple and perfect for a one year old.

This week, we were at it again. The summer afternoons here get HOT. I mean really really HOT! If you're outside, you're usually on your way to swim, swimming, or finishing swimming. If not, an air conditioned home is your relief.

So to help beat the inside summer boredom, we did some table art this week.

Butcher paper is the easiest to cover your tables with. However we bought this roll of paper years ago, during a move, and I can't tell you how many presents and tables we've wrapped with this. It's great having it around.

** If you don't want to cover a table, you can always just get a huge sheet of paper for them to color on the floor. Something different makes it exciting. **

I pulled out the crayons, markers and colored pencils for them to choose from. Instead of bowls of prizes like we did with my Cookie's party, I filled bowls with treats. We left the paper on the table all afternoon so they could come and go.

I also put out a few bowls of stickers. I used these foam stickers. My mother-in-law is the one who introduced these to our family. I swear these stickers multiply and reproduce. When I put them back in the tubs when we finish, we still have full tubs. It's the best!

And after a full day of doodling, you get something like this:

Meggie chose to create a Halloween scene:

And The Boss' latest passion is Wipeout. He draws Wipeout courses all day. If you look carefully you can find (and he calls these by name) The Dirty Diving Boards, The Sweeper, and The Wipeout Zone featuring the Launcher and the Ribcage (which I'm told it's impossible to cross) and then we have the Ultimate Finishing Platform. Awesome!

What are some other ways to help beat the heat from the inside?

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