Friday, August 27, 2010

Life is a Picnic!

Time for another makeover of one of my fabulous thrift store finds! You may remember that my sister is expecting a baby girl and she has chosen a ladybug theme for the nursery. So when I found this great picnic basket for only $3 I had to incorporate into the room somehow!

The basket has some stains and the paint on the handles had worn off but it's heavy and well made. So I started with some spray paint for the handles and the lid. (The temperature has finally dipped below 95 so I can go back outside and paint!)

I then brought it back inside and sat at my kitchen table and painted the basket part with barn red acrylic craft paint. I opted not to spray paint this part because I didn't feel like covering and taping plus I think a brush would get into the crevices a lot better than spray. Sadly the pictures of this process are on the internal memory of my camera and I can't find the darn cord!

My final touch to the outside was a lady bug ribbon around the top edge.

The inside definitely needed something because it looked like someone had spilled a greasy lunch in this poor basket! I decided to use some black & white gingham. I cut poster board to match the inside of the basket and then I used spray adhesive to adhere the fabric onto the poster board. (I did this outside because I can't stand the stickiness of that spray!) I then used the spray adhesive to stick the fabric covered poster board to the inside of the basket.

A little bubble in the bottom but I'll pretend it's not there. My love/hate relationship with spray adhesive prevents me from redoing it!

All done! Pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!

It's hard to tell in the pictures but it's pretty roomy. I think it will be great storage for now and maybe serve as some kind of toy box later.

The extreme bedroom makeover is this weekend so stay tuned for some cute ladybug room pics!!

Happy Friday!

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