Thursday, August 19, 2010

Modge Podge Madness!

It started out so simple. I have been wanting to change out my daughter's light switch plate for something a little more shabby chic and so I decided to decoupage some scrapbook paper onto a $.29 switch plate. So I got out my painting cookie sheet, my scrapbook paper, my Modge Podge and I got to work.

Simple enough. But too simple. It didn't take long and I still had the urge to glue things. So I looked around my kitchen and decided that the Pizza Hut and dentist magnets on my fridge had to go and I needed to dress up things up. So I got busy gluing and sanding some things to use on my fridge.

But I'm still feeling like I'm not finished. Then I remembered this thing that I took from my mom's basement a while back. It's a strange little basket thingy that sat on my parent's kitchen counter for years holding bills. I finally had an idea for it.

I finished that but I'm STILL not satisfied! I look over at my sink and see and empty food storage can that I had just washed.

What the heck! I'll cover that too! I'm feeling ought of control now but I can't stop! I have glue up to my elbows and on my face, my hands are stained from distress ink and my clothes and face feel gritty from sanding but I still want to do more! So I do....

I have been looking for a larger container for all of my son's Imaginext accessories and I found this old picture box I wasn't using. But it's girly so why not change it?!

Now I finally feel like I'm done. Or maybe it's pretty late and I'm pretty tired! But my Modge Podge therapy seemed to have worked. I feel good and I have some mighty cute things:

Kayla's light switch is looking good!

And I LOVE my magnets!

And the basket bill holder is pretty darn cute! Not sure what I'll do with it yet but I'm sure it will find a purpose soon!

The coffee can...

I just put it in the play room. Sure to get filled with small pieces in no time!

And I'm thrilled with how the picture box turned out! I love the vintage toy ad paper!

I think I've had my fill of gluing for a while! Have a good weekend!

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