Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Masterpiece Display Case

Do you ever feel like all your friends are such incredible moms, but you don’t feel the “incredible-ness” for yourself? All their kids have perfect hair, with their matching outfits, sitting quietly in their uber-clean home. Their kids are either reciting scriptures, poetry or the capitals of all the countries in the world or they are masterfully playing their musical instruments.

Then I look at myself, with my messy house, mac’n’cheese for dinner, kids with wild “caveman” style hair, wearing that ugly shirt I’ve tried to throw away four times and they are reciting lyrics to songs that I pray they don’t understand while making “gassy” noises in their armpits. Yeah – sometimes I feel like kicking my friends.

However, today, I don’t harbor any of that animosity because today, I think I’m a pretty good mom. Why? Because I have found a way to make my child feel extra-special, while keeping the house a little cleaner…let me explain.

I love my children’s artistic tendencies. I love their creativity. I love their exploration of color, textures, and shapes. What I don’t love, is pretending that every single one of their creations is wall worthy. I tried that…all we got was a wall full of tape and torn pictures. They are always drawing me something and sending me off to work with their creations. But they insist that I keep ALL of their artwork somewhere, preferably displayed. TOO…MANY…PAPERS….

Insert the Artwork Display Case. It’s basically a shadow box frame that opens in the front (Michael’s $9.99, less with the 40% coupon). I bought it unfinished and just painted it inside and out.

Each child has his or her own display case. The rule is that each case can display their latest creation. They can fill it up, but when it gets full, they have to throw away some of their earlier pictures.

Of course if some of their artwork is exceptional, I put it in their memory box!

So, we all feel good. They feel like their pictures are getting their proper treatment and I don’t have any more tape on the walls…who am I kidding…I still have tape on my walls...tape and spaghetti (that's another post for another day). 125Organize and Decorate Everything


  1. What a great idea! It's really tough when your kids are artists. My eldest brought home prodigous amounts of huge paintings from pre school and in the end I had to make the rule that the four door cupboard was almost emptied every term. At 22 she still regrets that I had to throw away so many of her 'masterpieces'. Fortunately the other two were not so keen on painting! Cherrie

  2. This is such a SUPER idea, Noreen! Your cousins, with the fortunate last name....Reyes, got to have an ounce of "la artiste" in them. So, we've had a share of art deluge in the house during their young years....and yes, they ended up in Manila folders in boxes somewhere. One of the prized-ones is Free's drawing of his talk in Primary (the whole talk in drawings) when he was 6 years old --- he delivered his whole talk by looking at those drawings sequentially...including his testimony! How awesome was that? I cried secretly! I am going to look for other drawings from the other kids (especially from Issa, who is the most artistic)...and do this for one of their special days. What an awesome and smart idea. Keep them coming! Love, Aunty Tess

  3. This is such a great idea. Oh, kids and their masterpieces, they never stop making them. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday. I'd like to feature this tomorrow.