Monday, September 20, 2010


I may or may not have a split personality.

Some days, I love the frills. I love everything done up just perfectly.

Other days, I thrive on simplicity. I like no clutter, vacuum lines and space.

This personality affects my daughters hair. Somedays, we love the flowers and ribbons and buns and ponies.

Others day, I just want a simple clip to keep the hair out of their eyes.

But simple doesn't have to mean ugly. Nor does it mean I can't have ribbon in their hair...because I love ribbon.

So today we're making simple ribbon clips. No bows. No flowers. No beads. No frills. Just a clip and a little ribbon.

So we start with these:

Materials Needed:
* an alligator clip (bought at Sally's Beauty Supply)
* ribbon of choice (3/8 inch)
* glue (I chose E6000 to save my fingertips from hot glue, but that works too)


Cut your ribbon to about 4 and 1/2 inches. I ran the ends of my ribbon through a flame to keep them from fraying.

I then applied glue to the back of the first part of my ribbon. I opened up my clip and placed the ribbon underneath the top part of the clip. I then folded my ribbon over the top of the clip and held it together.

After that part of the ribbon dried, I then proceeded to use glue to wrap the ribbon around the side of the clip. I chose to push my ribbon down on both sides.

And then I finished off by glueing to the back side. I chose not to have the ribbon go all the way down the back. I think it makes it harder to clip into the hair with the ribbon there. I like the raw clip on the underside.

And then it's complete:

And look...You can see those sweet eyes!

Here are some other clippies I've made:

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  1. I need to make hundreds of these for my little ragamuffin! Very cute!