Monday, October 18, 2010


On your mark.
Get set.
Decorate! (got to hurry because I've already seen Christmas decor in the stores)

This is a quick and easy decorating idea.

It's an easy one to involve the kids.

It all begins with these materials:

I bought the materials at Michaels. The frames were $1.99 each, but at the time they were buy one and get a second for a penny. I also got the marbles from the floral section. The ones I bought are the smaller ones. They also have a flat back. One small bag was plenty for this. I think I still have half the bag left.

To begin, I wrote the letter on the frame using a dry erase marker. I wrote the letter the way I wanted it on the front of the frame. I then turned the frame over to the back and traced it again. This allowed me to wipe off the front of the frame so you won't see the lines when I finished. (you can wipe of the back after it's completed).

Then I was ready for the glueing. I just put the glue on the back of the marble. The kids were then able to place the marbles onto the frame, following the lines.

It was really easy and really simple!

There are so many words you could choose like EEK (in green marbles) or SPOOKY (in black marbles).

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