Monday, November 15, 2010

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a ... Garland?

Last week I trekked to Wal Mart in search of Fuzzies. I was preparing to teach the children at church about service. We talked about how helping others gives us the Warm Fuzzies and we also give the Warm Fuzzies to the people we help.

I showed them my jar of Warm Fuzzies that were trapped inside. They were wanting to get out. Each child was given a small baggie with 4 warm fuzzies inside. The challenge is to find ways to serve others. They will try to find 3 different people to help. They will then give them a warm fuzzy and they get to keep one warm fuzzy for themselves.

All went well with the lesson.

And then I came home with a jar of warm fuzzies that were dying to get out.

Christmas is on my mind right now.

That's right. I went there. I know to some it's forbidden, but for others, decorating can officially begin in 11 days and no one can grinch at you after that day. But in order to Deck the Halls, you need to be ready. So I'm getting ready with some Warm Fuzzies today.

I'm a very Type A personality. Decorating my Christmas tree is MY job. Everything has to look just right. (This is why I usually decorate it at night after the kids have gone to sleep).

But I don't want to lose too many points in the Good Mommy category, so I've come up with another option. I place a smaller tree at the top of my stairs. This one is covered in big colored old-school lights. This is the tree that houses all the ornaments made at school. This is the tree that the kids get to decorate. They get total control.

So I'm stringing my warm fuzzies and turning them into garland for my kids tree this year.

It was as simple as grabbing a needle and thread. My little Cookie was in charge of handing me the fuzzies and deciding on the order they went on. I doubled up the string, like sewing on a button, and only made it the length of my arm. Then when I got to the end of the string, I knotted it off and started over with a new string. I simply took the new string through the last one I had just done and continued on.

And for some more info on those warm fuzzies I was talking about at church, Watch This. I've got more Warm Fuzzies to string.

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