Monday, November 29, 2010

My Magic Wand

Forgive me for the late post...

Last Monday, we made a quick, last minute decision to get out of town quickly. We were planning on driving to my homeland on Tuesday, but after watching the weather on Monday, we jumped in the car to beat a blizzard. Apparently we scared it away. After making the drive, mostly through the night, and two trips to Target to prepare for a two day hopeful shut-in... Well, let's just say we were prepared and disappointed. However, I did get to play with Noreen for a short time.

This morning, I am playing host to 3 flu sick kids. My washing machine has been in constant motion since 4 am. Am I bad (or just honest) to admit that I don't mind my little guy getting sick. He's so lovey and cuddly and ... still. I'd do anything for him right now (which could take me on a tangent of why I think men are babies when they get sick because their moms were so happy to have them sit still). But today, I'd give anything for a magic wand to make them all better.

But since I can't find the magic, we just made a wand to try to entertain the sickies.

Here's what I had:

* a dowel
* an eye screw
* silky ribbon (I did about 6 feet)

1. Screw the hook into the end of the dowel.

2. Fray check both ends of your ribbons. Then tie one end to the hook.

3. Let them play.

I'm off to make some chicken noodle soup...and fold more laundry.

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