Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Magnet Curtains

I know, I know...Magnet Curtains sounds like some new Infomercial product, but I promise I'm not trying to sell you anything. Although, this idea did come from necessity. Now I know this post won't apply to most of you, but for the few of you in my situation, it might be helpful.

Problem #1: Front door has a big window on it. People can just walk right up to our front door and observe our lives. See exhibit A.
Exhibit A

Problem #2: Door is a metal door and I don't want to screw in anything to the door to hold a window treatment.

Problem #3: We want to leave our kids home alone for a few hours while we do a little Christmas shopping. Our oldest is almost 10 and we think they can handle watching TV for two straight hours, but we don't want people peering into our door.

Hurried Solution #1: Husband wants to tape packing material in the window. (NOT SHOWN because I had a better idea...although still a little W.T.)

Hurried Solution Idea #2: Use magnets to hold said packing material to window so we don't get tape residue. See exhibit B.
Exhibit B
New Problem #1: It's weeks later and this is still on the the door. As you can see, the kids have been playing with the magnets.

New Solution #1: Made a curtain with Magnets in it. See Exhibit C.
Exhibit C
Here's how I did it.

First I tried to go to Joann's to buy some material, but they were closed. So, I sauntered over to Target next door and found this 42" wide x 84" long, brown window panel for $7.99 (which I think is actually cheaper than if I bought material at Joann's). Plus, there was already a big hem sewn in for me at the top so i could drop my magnets in it.
Sorry, I took it out of the package before I took a picture!
Then I measured how long I needed the panel and added 7 inches so I could make a big hem at the bottom to match the top (we need the magnets at the bottom, too). I cut the material and then pinned and sewed the bottom hem to match the top.
Pinned hem and then I sewed.
Then I tried to figure out how many magnets I would need to keep this weight of fabric up. I figured out it was 9 magnets. So then I measured out nine slots for the magnets evenly spaced.

Then I sewed the first side, dropped a magnet in and sewed the other side so the magnet stayed inside it's little pouch.
Can you see the little round heavy duty magnet? It's inside it's little pocket.
I sewed in all the magnets at the top and used that to guide my pockets for the bottom hem so they lined up.
On the top hem I even sewed a littler pouch for the magnet so it stayed at the bottom of the hem to give it the gathered look.
There you have it! A curtain for my metal door.
Notice my Christmas decorations still up...Saturday's project will be to pack up Christmas!

And when I'm feeling open and free and want more sunlight in, I just pull the curtain down. I think I'm going to make a few different colors or even find a patterned material.

NO-SEW VERSION: Decorate the magnets with buttons, or bling or flowers or anything you want. And then just magnet the material to the door folding over the hems. I might try that as an option, although then the kids start playing with the magnets....but you don't have to SEW!!!


  1. What a cute and easy solution! I might even try this one for my back door--full length window! I got thinking and if I installed a metal strip above my kitchen window I could attach curtains this way. I have been thinking about how to get curtains for this window for awhile because of the location and size and whatnot of the window regular curtains are not really possible...Thanks!

  2. Melisa - let me know how it goes. That sounds awesome and a great idea for my back window. I didn't even think of attaching a metal strip. Post some pictures if it all works out. You might want to look into getting the more heavy duty magnets for all that material! :) Thanks for looking!

  3. Okay I LOVE your idea, I made some for the exterior of my boyfriends car b/c his dog has k-9 trials coming up and he freaks out (wasting energy blah, blah, blah) so I was looking to see if one could purchase them somewhere or there was a more simple idea b/c I have been working on them for 3 days. So if anyone has any tips or needs tip my email is: It is a great idea!