Monday, January 17, 2011

Once There Was a Snowman

It's that time of year...

Time to build a Snowman.

Whether you're starting to feel cabin fever from extreme winter weather or you're like us and snow just doesn't fall on our lawn, I've got the kid friendly activity for you.

Build your snowman inside.

We took this:

And made this:

I took some scrap fabric and made them into bean bags. I cut a front and back of each of the following:

*Carrot nose

*Bow tie or scarf


I sewed them on the outside of the shapes using an overcasting zigzag stitch (That's a straight stitch on the inside and a zigzag on the outside. I used a contrasting thread because I thought it'd be cuter. Remember to leave just a small opening to fill.

The larger shapes (3 circles, hat, boots) I filled with pinto beans. I used a water bottle as a funnel. I just cut off half of the bottle.

The smaller shapes (5 circles, nose, bow) I filled with rice.

I then closed up the holes. I started sewing just a little before where I left off and went a little over the other end.

And when it was all done, we played with our new little friend.

We tossed all his parts in a bowl.
We had a starting line that you had to stay behind.
We then took each of his bits and built a snowman by tossing the beanbags one by one.

The kids loved it. Here are their first attempts:

This is Sugars Snowman:

This is SmallHubs Snowman: (I call him SmallHubs because he looks and acts just like his older model)

And we let Spice adjust the rules when she built her Snowman:

Only a 3 year old can build a snowman in a leotard and tutu (which was probably outfit number 6 for the day, I lose count).

Even Hubs tried to build a Snowman:

WARNING: No mittens were used in the building of these snowmen.

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  1. You're brilliant Debbie! I absolutely love this. I hope you're linking on linky parties. People will love this.

  2. Oh my! This snowman is so fun!!

    I would LOVE for you to join us at Kids Get Crafty (every Wednesday on Red Ted Art) - current link up
    Hope to see you there!


  3. You are awesome! And creative:-). Love how this turned out, so fun too!!