Friday, February 4, 2011

For the little mommies...

Once upon a time I bought some flannel. I put those 2 yards of flannel in a bag in a closet and my life resumed. End of story. But then I saw this: 'click here' And then I remembered why I had purchased that flannel at the fabric store clearance sale! I had seen a similar tutorial and I had every intention of making a wrap for my daughter's baby dolls. She is constantly bringing me a doll and a blanket and wanting me to swaddle her baby, only to walk away and to have the doll completely unraveled within seconds!

I owe a big THANK YOU to Leslie at Little Apple Seed for reminding me why I had a bag of flannel in my closet!

I followed her excellent directions:

Here's my 24" x 24" square (cute fabric, huh?)

Before I sewed on the pocket, I grabbed the largest of the dolls to make sure all of the babies could enjoy the comforts of swaddling (this baby is in one of my daughter's preemie outfits. Bittersweet memories!)

All sewn together:

Now here's where my wrap takes a different turn from the tutorial I referenced. I added some velcro:

I used sticky back so it would stay put when I figured out where to place it. Then I sewed the strips on.

I placed a set on the bottom tip and on the pocket:

And then one on each "wing." One on the inside and the other piece on the outside.

And swaddling your baby doll is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

And then watch your baby love her baby!

(She was not in a cooperative mood today so I had to sneak up on her and snap a pic while she was in a Little Bear trance!)

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