Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Switch

I am the mother of 4 young children who are still in the "bedtime routine" mode.

As is typical with most young ones, the dark is not their friend.

But, their parents LOVE the dark.

My husband came up with a solution that I think puts him in the genius category: A Dimmer Switch

Full disclosure: I thought he was weird when he first suggested putting a dimmer switch on the hallway light. Dimmers were for setting the mood, whether it was eating dinner at the dining room table or watching a movie in the family room. But he did it anyway, and I love it!

When the kids are first put to bed, we turn on the hallway light all the way on.

BUT...once they fall asleep, we dim the hallway light down. There's just enough light that if they wake up, they can find their way to the bathroom (or our room). But it's dark enough that the hallway light doesn't bother the adults that aren't scared of the dark.

Is that a "Bright Idea" or a "Dim Idea"?


  1. That is pretty smart... I'm going to see if my husband will put one in my sons room! There are not enough accessable outlets for the nightlight and I get paranoid about it being too close to curtains/ bedding etc...

  2. I like that idea. Except with ours we had to switch back to a regular switch cause it does not work on those energy saving bulbs. Anybody else have that problem or am I a special case!? :)


  3. I posted in the past about how much I love my bathroom dimmer switch! It makes for a nice "candle-lit" bath and is nicer in the middle of the night.

  4. Chelsey, now theres an idea, maybe we all can use. Take a warm bubble bath in the middle of the night :)