Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lavender Infused Home/Linen Spray

Just so you know, as I write this, my husband is watching American Idol and it's hard to focus on the task at hand. I don't know about you, but ever since I had my children, I'm a cry baby. I cry during commercials, I cry during sitcoms and yes, I have shed a tear or two watching American Idol and don't even get me started on the Biggest Loser.

O.K., one short crying story and I'll get to today's project. I was flying to Japan for work and sitting between two Japanese men. I am not a petite person, so my point is, they were definitely aware that I was there. I had my own monitor and started watching The Notebook. Puh-lease! I had no hope. I was crying and crying...ok sobbing. I'm sure these demure Asian men were silently reprimanding me for showing so much emotion in public. I'm part Japanese...but clearly it's not the holding in emotions part because I was a mess. And guess what...yep...I watched the movie two more times on my 11 hour flight. Sometimes a girl just needs a good cry...a good long cry.

Well today's project might make you cry because it's so SUPER easy, but it packs quite an impression on friends. It's Lavender Infused Home/Linen Spray. Actually, you can use whatever essential oil you would like, I just love lavender. I'll even include some recipes for different blends if you want.

I made these one Christmas. I gave them as neighborhood/office/friend gifts and they were a big hit. I wrote a poem about having a true Silent Night with the calming lavender and attached it to the spray bottle and cut my family initial out of vinyl and stuck it on, but you can use labels. So here is the pic. (Please don't judge my lack of photography skills...maybe I'll do a post about photographing your crafts!)

So here is how it's made:

1/2 cup distilled water
1 teaspoon vodka or witch hazel
5 to 7 drops essential oil of lavender

Easy, huh? I went with the witch hazel and it worked beautifully. You can buy essential oils at your local craft store, or online (ebay has good deals). I purchased mine at a boutique oil shop.

O.K. So the hardest part is finding the bottles, etc. I purchased these 4 oz sprayers online at http://www.essentialsbycatalina.com/shop/shopexd.asp?id=51

One day, I hope to be able supply all this kind of stuff, but until then, I'll send you to my secret "finds." Believe me, if you like this type of sprayer, I just saved you hours of searching.

And the vinyl cut-outs, well, I have a vinyl cutter. So if you want, email me and I'll give you the friends discount, because who am I kidding...at this point...the only ones reading this are my friends.

Here are some other blends that you might enjoy. They all have a base of:
1/2 cup distilled water
1 teaspoon vodka or witch hazel

Deodorizing Spray - 4 drops bergamot essential oil, 1 drop eucalyptus EO, 2 drops lemon EO
Pet Deodorizing Spray - 5 drops cedarwood EO, 3 drops tea tree oil
Spice Room Spray - 5 drop cinnamon EO, 2 drops clove EO
Mood Lifter Spray - 3 drops chamomile EO, 2 drops orange EO, 1 drop ylang ylang EO
Stress Reliever Spray - 3 drops lavender oil, 2 drops rose EO, 1 drop sage EO
Night Night Spray - 4 drops lavender oil, 3 drops chamomile EO


  1. Awesome ideas Noreen. Love it. And yes, I cry every single time I watch Notebook.

  2. Once again, you amaze me...and the tears just flowed. Seriously, you are the most creative person I know. I can't wait to see what ideas will be next! Love ya!
    P.S. I tear up every Tuesday night during The Biggest Loser too.

  3. What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing :) And I'm a cry-baby since I've had kids too!! You'll catch me at 9pm every night blubbing away to Biggest Loser! They are showing the Couples series (was that last years??) every night at 9pm here. So we get to see the whole series in like a month or so! Which is great since I'm so impatient, lol. It finishes in another couple of days and then they are showing Biggest Loser Australia. I'm pathetic, lol. Joanne xx

  4. That is a really cool idea, you creative little minx! I love that idea for neighbor/friend gifts!

    I cry at everything!

  5. So, people say they are going to do something like start a blog, but this is REAL determination, YOU ROCK!