Monday, May 3, 2010

Picture This...

I love frames. I love photos. There is not a bare space on my walls or shelves without a picture frame near by. I have a bad habit of adding more because I don't like to replace the old pictures. Picture frames have even found there way to my kitchen counter and even my bathrooms.

A few years ago, while visiting my parents, I ventured into one of my favorite local home decor shops. I stood looking at the picture frames. I knew I wanted to have frames that would be dedicated for my children's artwork (I make them rotate). I just wasn't sure if I wanted brown frames or creamy frames. So I bought both. The only problem...because it's a local store two states away, there was no returning the set I didn't need. To justify, I needed to find a purpose for those frames.

I also love picture frames with messages. I choose carefully the sayings that hang on my wall. I want them to really sum up how we feel. I want motivation in just a few words. I want it to say what we believe. I want it to express our true emotion.

And then it hit me. In a last minute pinch (because company was coming over) I wanted to put something in those two empty frames hanging by my front door. And it was easier than I thought. The funny thing is when that company came over, it was the one wall hanging that she asked me "Where did you get that?" I felt proud and then I actually laughed. it is:

And all I did was open Word, find a font I liked, and ran it through the printer using a tan cardstock. It hangs by the front door and I love it. It perfectly expresses how I feel when I walk through that door.

If you're still looking for an easy Mother's Day gift, hopefully this gives you another idea to use. Think of that perfect saying for your mom. Find that perfect frame or frames. And put them together.

*** Holiday Adjustment ***
At Christmas time, I replace it with "Merry Christmas to all..." in the top frame "...and to all a Good Night." in the bottom frame.

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