Thursday, July 1, 2010

Refreshing and Cool Watermelon Slushies

Here I sit on the eve of my very favorite weekend: The 4th of July! I don't know if there's a little bit of pyromania in me that makes me love this holiday so much (because as a kid it was the one day of the year I was allowed to play with matches!) or maybe it's just simply because it's always spent with family. I don't know, but I love the noise, the fire and the food! Since my last post addressed the fire part of the holiday, I've decided to dedicate this post to the food. Well actually, the beverage.

One year my husband and I bought a giant watermelon at a roadside stand. It turned out to be more than he and I could eat so I experimented with freezing it. As a result I created this delicious watermelon slushie! It's now a favorite summer beverage in my house.

It only takes three ingredients. THREE! So easy!

Ginger Ale
Limeade concentrate

And one tool: A blender.

I bought a seedless watermelon just to simplify things. It was a delicious, very ripe melon! (For my local friends - only $3.99 at Schnucks!)

Look how perfect this baby was inside!

I chopped it into chunks and spread the chunks out onto a cookie sheet. (here's are some tips on shopping for and cutting a watermelon.)

I stuck the sheet of melon chunks into the freezer. Later in the day, when they were frozen solid, I tossed them into a ziploc and I had some great tasting ice cubes. When watermelon is in season, I love to keep these in the freezer because they make great snacks for the kids on a hot day!

So back to my beverage.....

  • I got out my blender
  • tossed in a bunch of the frozen watermelon chunks,
  • added a few splashes of the ginger ale,
  • topped it off with a couple spoonfuls of the limeade concentrate (Go easy. Too much can be overpowering.)
  • and blended away.
If you find it's getting too liquidy, just keep tossing in the frozen watermelon to achieve the desired texture.

The result is a wonderful, refreshing, cold, watermelony drink! You won't be disappointed!

And if you stick the leftovers in the freezer, you will have a nice sorbet to snack on. Good stuff!

Happy 4th and God Bless America!!


  1. This looks so refreshing! Can't wait to make it! I posted a link on my blog:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks wonderful and sooo refreshing. I will try this recipe put for sure. Thanks for sharing!