Monday, August 23, 2010


So the first day of school is upon us.

It will be tomorrow.

My oldest will be a 3rd grader. My little guy will begin kindergarten. And my Cookie will start preschool in a week.

What will a mother of four do when she only has one child at home twice a week. Dance or cry? Or maybe I'll do both at the same time.

There's so much to do to get ready for that first day impression. And I'm not just talking about the small fortune I had to spend on school supplies to support my children's free education.

No, we're talking about the first day outfit. It's got to be just right. And it's not just the clothes that you pick out for that day. It's the nail polish and accessories that are just as important.

My third grader wanted a flower headband to match her new outfit. And for me, when you have something particular that you want, it's impossible to find in a store. So I came across a few of my favorite sites and decided to make my own material flower headbands.

I found two different methods that I tried: sewing and not sewing.

The not sewing method just used hot glue and scrappy material. It was super easy and super quick. Plus, I only lost two fingerprints (am I the only one that burns their fingers like crazy). I found this method on a little girl hairstyle website HERE. I followed her method pretty closely and ended up with this little bunch of flowers:

For the sewing method I found this on one of my favorite quilting blogs HERE. She has a tutorial for the flower for a broach. I just glued felt on the back of my flower. I glued it to the headband with hot glue. Then I covered the other side of the headband with a strip of felt.

I loved the way this looks the most! I promise you I have very basic sewing skills and I was able to do it in about 10-15 minutes. I had some left over fabric from a Moda Jelly Roll and it made it simple and easy. This will definitely be part of that first day en-sem.

And now...for the Mother of the Year Award: is it bad that I realized on Saturday that my son didn't have a first day outfit yet? We did buy a backpack a few weeks ago. We did buy all those supplies on the list. But he wasn't bugging me for weeks about what he was going to wear to school. Slipped my mind. Luckily he doesn't need accessories. So he got shorts and a shirt and we'll hope we can slip some gel in that hair for first day pictures.

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  1. That is SO cute! LOVE it as a headband! Thanks for sharing with me -Al