Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Purse Files

I know most of you out there won't need this Idea this week. I'm not even claiming that this Idea is a great one, but I can say that it has helped me organize what my husband loving calls "the bottomless pit" or a.k.a. my purse. "Where are your keys?" he asks. "In my purse," I answer.  Three seconds later he brings me my purse. "I'm not even attempting to find anything in there!!" he says. "And furthermore, I think I threw my back out just picking that thing up. What do you have in there?"

I once played this game with some girl friends, What's In Your Purse Right Now!!!  I should be ashamed to say that I had like 5 file folders full of papers, a zucchini, 2 apples, a couple of diapers, at least 2 toys for each kid, crayons and of course all the other things in a purse (wallet, sunglasses, checkbook, etc.)

My problem is I use my purse as a filing cabinet. And I carry the thing around. You never know when you'll need coupons, or your eye prescription, or you'll need to write a note! Also, I work full time and so sometimes I bring bills or cards or other things I can work on on my lunch break.

But this week...I had it. I "lost" my cell phone 4 times in my purse (it was in between all the paperwork) and so I decided if I was going to treat my purse like a filing cabinet, then let's make some folders. Thus, the purse files (cue up X-files music)!

Here's a before shot of my purse (how embarrassing is this? It's like airing dirty laundry!):

Can you see a sponge bob paper that holds artwork from my son!

My problem is I just throw papers in my purse. So this is what I made to house my papers. I made them out of file folders that I cut in half. I taped the sides and I labeled them with vinyl I cut on my vinyl cutter.

I have a To Do folder for all the things that need to get done. Goal, empty this thing by the end of the week. I have a reimbursement folder because often I am making purchases for work or church or cafeteria plans. I have a receipts folder that holds all receipts I want to keep (maybe I'll need to take something back). I have a To File folder to make sure I file at home. This also houses any kid artwork that needs to be "filed."  And Coupons/Other holds everything else.

So here is the after:

It's so organized now. But you know what that means right? It means there's more room to hold my husband's sunglasses, iphone, wallet & keys, my kids' itouch, nintendo ds and snacks for them.

So this means mama still needs a massage and back rub!!!

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  1. Love it! I have a bad, bad case of mom purse as well! Especially right now with all of the school shopping. And when I’m sitting at work and I think of something, I jot it down on a sticky and throw it in my purse. Then that sticky note is sticking to everything I get out of my purse and it drives me batty! Does the cashier at Wendy’s really need to know that I need Tucks medicated pads when the $10 that I give him has that note stuck to it?! LOL! Brilliant idea!