Monday, August 16, 2010

Silk Screened

I love decorating my kids rooms!

I was checking my home page on Facebook the other day when Amanda from Impress Your Kids caught my attention again.

Although I have to apologize to her.

I was so anxious to try this out, that I read through the idea, bought the stuff, and went to work. It was only now, when I went to link back to her, that I regret acting so quickly. Her children helped her by literally hand painting their canvases. I LOVE how it turned out. So I will post my pictures of my canvas and then repent and try again, because seriously, it's way more awesome that way! (Plus my canvas came in a pack of 3!)

Here it is:

And so easy and fun to do!

I bought some canvases, paint, and stickers (because it was easier that way).

I started with a base coat. This is the color that the letters will be.

After it dried completely, I put the stickers on. I used my clear ruler to help me. I figured I could pencil out the lines since I would be painting over it.

I knew I wanted to do some flowers. I put round stickers down on the yellow for the center of my flowers. (Hind sight: I wish I would have done bigger dot stickers or put them closer together). I painted some pink in the spots that I wanted to have come through for petals and decoration.

After the pink was totally dry, I then added my flowers/petals using more dot stickers.

And then I painted my top coat. I had to do several coats for the lavender to be solid.

After the paint was dry, I then pulled off all the stickers and had my design.

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