Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Funny Stuff My Kids Say

Not sure if you all are on facebook or not, but one of my favorite things about the social network is when my friends post funny things their kids say on their status. Let the record show that I'm not all about posting your every move during the day, but if you have funny away. I think I love it because it amazes me how smart kids are and i love it because my kids say some funny things.

Whenever I post something cute my kids say on FB (that's text talk for facebook) guarantee someone says, "Make sure you're writing those things down." Which I do...on facebook. Then every few weeks or so, I look at my status updates and record the really funny ones in my journal.

As a treat or a fun game, my kids love for me to read the funny things I've recorded in my journal. They laugh and laugh and laugh. So I thought of a great gift for grandparents, stocking stuffers for spouses (YES....I did just make a Christmas reference) or even a fun gift for that child to have.

I just got a small photo album from michaels for $2.99 or so and I made a cover page. Then I put pictures on one side and funny quotes on the other. I'm sure you really crafty types could scrapbook those quote pages, but I'm lucky I printed them out.

Here are some of my pages...I'm sharing because I think they're funny.

Thanks for indulging me. For the record both Debbie and Melissa have the funniest boys. They are always saying great stuff...I'd actually love getting a book from them :)

I'd love to hear some of the funny things your kids say!

P.S. I made this for my mother, but the kids won't stop stealing it!


  1. i love it! You are so not- not so creative!

  2. This is a great idea! I need multiple volumes for all of Mason's comments!

  3. LOVE IT!! Now I guess I have to start writing down the funny things they say. I have one, though. My 6 yr. old daughter was talking to dad about him fixing her owie. (K=daughter, D=Dad)

    K: Dad were you a Doctor?
    D: No
    K: Because you did a great job with this (pointing to her owie)
    D: Well, thanks
    K: When you get done with your real job, maybe you should be a Dr.

    Love it!!