Monday, September 27, 2010

You've Been Framed!

I'm currently in the middle of an awesome sewing project. I'm super excited about it! I'll share more next week. The problem though was that I needed something to share for this week. I had some extra material from my project and thought of something that would be perfect.

A frame.

Those who know me well, know I love frames! This was fun and quick to do.

I started with some left over material, a wooden frame ($1.99 full price), and some trim.

I ironed the material to make sure there weren't any wrinkles. I then traced the frame on the back side of the material. This material has a pattern that I wanted to make sure would come out straight. This way, I would know where to lay it when it was wet with glue. Before I started, I cut an X in the middle part of the material. This made it easier to work with after the frame was on and wrapping the material to the back.

I pulled out the trusty mod podge. (Melissa should be proud!) I brushed the front of the frame and then laid it on the material. I used the mod podge to keep the material flat and not see any glue bumps coming through.

I then pulled the material up on the back opposite sides. I brushed the mod podge on the back of the frame. (I did not put mod podge on the material on the front of the frame. I wanted to keep it looking soft).

To do the corners, I pulled out the glue gun. I wanted it to stick quickly. I folded the corners in and then down. I then covered the back to finish it off.

I also used the hot glue to apply trim to the frame.

And here's a look from the side:

Now... Back to my other project!

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  1. Super cute Debbie!!! Wow.. you could make school pictures with cute apple fabric etc.!! Now my juices are flowing!! Thanks for all your creative ideas!!