Monday, September 6, 2010

My Trophy Child

It's that time of year again...

Soccer Season!

And if your league is anything like ours, that means clear some space for a new trophy. A "just because you signed up" trophy.

What's happened?

I am the proud, I'll say it again, PROUD recipient of two (that's 2) trophies. One was for winning the Utah State History Fair in the 4th grade when I interviewed my Grandma Great with an extra large video camera. It was titled "A Century in Utah" because she was 100 years old. And I still remember that she was looking for her hair brush through the whole interview and we found it in the back of her hair. Plus she was so amazed at being able to see herself on TV (so was I). It was very cutting edge. Well deserved trophy! The other trophy was for 1st place in Orem City Softball. Go Shazam! (Picture a lightening bolt). I played 3rd base. Another well earned trophy! Hence: Proud.

But now we're so concerned with making everyone feel good that we hand out trophies for their "attendance"? No, their "effort"? Maybe it's just for "team spirit". Either way, my 8 year old has far passed up my PROUD number. Maybe that's why I'm bothered. Or maybe it's because I'm in charge of dusting. When you only have 2 trophies to dust, it's a happy task. When they reproduce, it's not so happy. It's more a bother.

So I have come up with a dust free alternative. I'm sure they still need dusting, I just don't have to see them.

I bought some shelves from Home Depot/Lowe's. And I hung them OVER her closet. I'm typically a lower shelf person. I like to admire what's been placed on the shelf. However, we don't need to manhandle the trophies. So they sit proudly over the closet. Dust out of sight. And she can collect as many as the shelf can handle. Problem solved.

I shared this idea with my sister. She has 5 athletes in her family. That's 5 times the trophies we have collected. This is what she did in one of her boys rooms.

(nice and high so one doesn't have to see the dust they collect)

And for any coaches or team moms out there, here are some other feel good options (strictly my opinion):

* Last year, my little athlete received a medal instead of a trophy. I liked that.

* One of my friends teams decided to present them with team sweatshirts instead of trophies. I really like that.

Other ideas would be team bags, team water bottles, or team shirts. After all, I'm usually asked to donate money for the trophy she'll receive. I think she'd be just as happy with something she can use often. Or maybe she's already been brainwashed into thinking she deserves that trophy.

I hope that means she feels good about herself.


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  1. I am with you!!!!! i don't have any children in sports yet, they are all under 4, but I am with you about the trophy thing!!!! seems crazy to give them a trophy for participating! no wonder kids get mad later in life when they don't get their way!! They think they deserve everything because everything is just handed to them without them earning it!!!! love your blog!