Monday, December 6, 2010


Last Summer, my husband's family spent a long weekend at Lake Tahoe celebrating his parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. As part of the activities, my sister-in-law brought along all the items for a girl's day craft. I loved what we made, so I'm sharing with you today.

The items you need are:

* a metal star (I got mine at the coveted TaiPan Trading Co. for under $4. One of my "must hit" stores when I go home to visit. The star I made for this measured 6 in. from center to tip of one point. The one above measures 16 inches per point)
* scrapbooking paper
* mod podge and brush
* glitter spray

The first thing I did was trace the side of one of my stars. I cut it to be just a little smaller than the side. I then made a template using a cereal box. I used that template to trace out on my scrapbook paper.

I chose 10 different papers. You could do 5 and use each design twice. You could do two papers and alternate between the two. Or you could just do the same design all the way around.

When you're tracing your paper, make sure you flip your template back and forth to match the shape of the side of the star. I always hold my template to the side of the star before tracing to make sure it's turned the right way.

When we made these with my SIL, we used spray glue. But, I've never been really good at spraying and getting it just right. Plus it's December and now cold to hang outside to do crafts. Also, I love my mod podge. So I used that to adhere the paper. I brushed it on the star, slapped the paper on, then brushed over the paper again.

Once it was all dry, I took my star outside and sprayed some Glitter all over it.

I'm so happy it's finally legal to celebrate Christmas and shout it all over the place! It is the most wonderful time of the year! Enjoy!


  1. Ahhh, I love this idea! Those stars are so great, and would be even moreso with the pretty paper. Don't you just love Mod Podge?? :)


  2. Cute choice of papers - I love it!