Friday, December 10, 2010

What WOOD you do?

I was kicking around the workshop trying to get some inspiration for my upcoming post. As I was looking at my collection of crafty odds and ends, I noticed my husband has quite a collection of odds and ends as well....odd pieces of wood. There are scraps of wood he's saved from various projects in a stack under the work bench. So I grabbed couple pieces of 2x4 and cut some random size blocks.

Then I painted those blocks. (should have primed them because this bare wood drinks up craft paint!)

Modge Podged some scrapbook paper and letters on them....

Sanded and distressed a bit...

And we have ourselves some cute blocks! (just in time for a weekend with snow in the forecast!)

And the with the leftover blocks, can you guess what my son and I created?

Some paint, wood glue and twigs from the yard....

Isn't he cute? Mason did a great job!

Have a good weekend!

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