Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Clippies

Today, we're talking hair clippies. Hair clippies for the Holidays. And it all started when I had a friend drop off this cute little clippie she made for us just before the Thanksgiving holiday. How adorable! Right?

I love little clippies. Especially because I have 3 kiddos of the female variety. Lucky for me, I love hair too! (Between you and me, I secretly wanted to go to hair school instead of college but knew my dad wouldn't approve. His career has been in higher education administration, which is why he's biased. So I became a teacher. And met Noreen and Melissa -plus 4 other roomies-. But someday... )

So after falling in love with this little turkey on my turkey, my mind started going...

And I've come up with two new ideas.

The first is this little Christmas tree clippie.

All I needed for this were:

I started by covering the clip like I did in this POST.

I then cut six strips of the green ribbon (2 each of three sizes):

I fray checked the ends with my lighter. I then put a dab of hot glue on the edge of one and folded it over - having only the ends glued together like this:

I then started hot gluing the layers on. Starting with the longest loops on the bottom and working my way to the smallest loops on top. I actually glued my star onto the top layer before I glued it to the clip.

And wah-lah:

Then I really tried to be creative and come up with a snowman clip. I actually ended up putting this one to a headband instead of a clip.

I started by cutting two circles out of white fabric and sewing around it, leaving an opening to turn and stuff.

I then hot glued a button for the face, with googly eyes, a carrot nose, a black hat, and a red scarf.

And I hot glued it to a head band like I did in this POST.

Now, does this mean I need to make 2 more so all three girlies can match?

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