Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Plarn Part Deux

If you don't remember Plarn Part 1, click here. It's basically where I confessed my slight obsession with the show Hoarders which was freaky, but did not give me the heebeegeebees (sp?) like the show Animal Hoarders. There was a man who was living in a house what hundreds of rats...oh I just shivered...and he loved them. He cried when they were all taken away. Again, while I was completely grossed out, I watched until the end...and even had a tear in my eye for the old man (remember, I cry at everything since the kids have come along).

Okay, enough of the Hoarders. I finally finished my Plarn bag. It wasn't that it was hard, I had to build up plastic bags in my house. It's amazing how many bags you don't have once you're trying to stay on a budget. In total, I think I used 60-80 bags. But here it is...

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Here is the Plarn bag holding a bag of apples!
For you crocheters or even no crocheters...this is the pattern.

26 chains
Double chain in 2nd back and in each chain
At the end of the row make a chain and go back for a total of 15 rows.

Make two of these and use a contrasting plarn color to stitch together using a single stitch.

For the handle I made mine 5 stitches across. It could have been skinnier. I don't remember how long I made the strap, but make it to fit your liking remembering that the plarn stretches. I then attached the strap to the bag using single stitches.

There you have it! Plarn bag! My girls love carrying it around. And I feel eco-friendly.

Have a great week!

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