Monday, November 8, 2010

Carrying On

One day I was perusing Facebook (Don't judge me, thank me).

I was reading a "fan" page of one of my favorite bloggers. A fellow fan posted a link to her friends website. So I clicked, and found this:

She has posted Keep Calm and Carry On in several colors.

I added them to iPhoto and sent them off to be printed (I print at Sam's Club). She said that it's for an 8x10, but I regularly get 4x6s of everything I print. The one pictured above is a 4x6. It came out perfectly.

Do you know what that means?

It means it is my new favorite inexpensive gift. Stick it in a frame and wah-la. Mod Podge it to some wood and you've got a magnet. The ideas are rolling now. I'm thinking that these will be going to the girls I visit every month from church. That's a gift for UNDER $1.00.

Check the site out. She has some really neat things all for FREE!

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  1. heather here with simplyfreshdesigns. I'm so glad you liked the keep calm prints! What a cute frame you found too. Have a good week.